• cisco


November 25, 2015

Cisco is the worldwide leader in IT that helps companies seize the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the previously unconnected. At Cisco customers come first and an integral part of our DNA is creating long-lasting customer partnerships and working with them to identify their needs and provide solutions that support their success.

The concept of solutions being driven to address specific customer challenges has been with Cisco since its inception. Husband and wife Len Bosack and Sandy Lerner, both working for Stanford University, wanted to email each other from their respective offices located in different buildings but were unable to due to technological shortcomings. A technology had to be invented to deal with disparate local area protocols; and as a result of solving their challenge – the multi-protocol router was born.

Vendor Cisco Systems Inc.
Solution Offerings Routing, Telepresence, Wireless LAN, Switching, Voice, Web Conferencing, Blade Servers, Storage Area Networks, Security
Website www.cisco.com

B-InfoSec Offerings:

  • Information Security Solutions
  • Routing Solutions
  • Switching Solutions
  • Unified Communications

  • microsoft
Microsoft Corporation is an American multinationaltechnology company headquartered in Redmond, Washington, that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics and personal computers and services. Its best known software products are the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems, Microsoft Officeoffice suite, and Internet Explorer and Edgeweb browsers. Its flagship hardware products are the […]


November 25, 2015

Microsoft Corporation is an American multinationaltechnology company headquartered in Redmond, Washington, that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics and personal computers and services. Its best known software products are the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems, Microsoft Officeoffice suite, and Internet Explorer and Edgeweb browsers. Its flagship hardware products are the Xbox game consoles and the Microsoft Surface tablet lineup. It is the world’s largest software maker by revenue, and one of the world’s most valuable companies.

Vendor Microsoft Corporation
Solution Offerings Cloud Services,  Active Directory, Exchange Servers, System Center Suite, Dynamics, Virtualization
Website www.microsoft.com

B-Infosec Offerings

  • Active Directory
  • Exchange Servers
  • Office 365
  • System Center Suite
  • Virtualization

  • SonicWALL NEW

Alien Vault

November 25, 2015

AlienVault is a developer of commercial and open source solutions to manage cyber attacks, including the Open Threat Exchange, the world’s largest crowd-sourced computer-security platform with more than 26,000 participants in 140 countries that share more than one million potential threats daily The company has raised $116 million since it was founded in 2007. In 2015, AlienVault researchers released a study disclosing that Chinese hackers were circumventing popular privacy tools.

Vendor AlienVault Inc.
Solution Offerings Log Management & SIEM, Threat Management, Network Security, Compliance, Vulnerability Management,
Website www.alienvault.com

B-Infosec Offerings

  • Unified Security Management
  • Log Management & SIEM
  • Compliance Management
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Managed Security Services

  • certes

Certes Networks

November 25, 2015

Certes is leading the Software-Defined Security revolution, enabling you to dynamically control your data traffic security without dependence on firewalls or the network infrastructure. Thousands of Certes’ patented solutions are deployed to protect enterprise data traffic in 84 countries around the world.

Certes has been cited in Gartner trend reports on Mobile Security, Cloud Security, Virtualization and Enterprise Mobile Software.

Certes’ users enjoy the power of CryptoFlows … automatic, zero-touch group VPNs that are user aware and application aware, enabling you to extend any application to any user over any network.

A new generation of devices and applications has changed how we work, compete, and make our businesses successful.But horror stories of high-profile data security breaches continue to pile up: credit card numbers stolen, emails hacked, VoIP calls intercepted, user identities stolen, webcam feeds hacked, proprietary secrets compromised, private data pushed into Cloud storage with no user controls … the list goes on..

Vendor Certes Networks
Solution Offerings CryptoFlows Zero-Touch Application Security, CryptoFlow Cloud, WAN, LAN, B2B, Mobile, Data Center Interconnect, Network Encryption
Website http://certesnetworks.com

B-Infosec Offerings

  • Software-Defined Networking (SDN)
  • Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
  • App-based crypto-segmentation
  • Crypto-segmentation of sensitive applications


  • Cireson


January 20, 2016

Born in 2012, Cireson, was founded on a simple, powerful idea; to be the forward thinkers on all things Microsoft Cloud and System Center. Cireson values from the beginning are still the same; keep it genuine, do the right thing, and listen to customers.

As a world leader in Microsoft Cloud & System Center, Cireson mission is to make your working life ridiculously more productive by bringing service and asset management together, and that’s the Cireson Platform.

Taking pride in Cireson expertise, they proudly boast some of the brightest and most fanatical IT professionals in the industry. From the Cireson Platform to Consulting Services and community engagements – everything is designed to push technical brilliance forward.

Cireson headquarters are located in sunny San Diego with offices throughout North America, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Vendor Cireson
Solution Offerings Service Management, Asset Management, Password Reset, Essential Management
Website http://cireson.com/

B-Infosec Offerings

  • Service Management
  • Asset Management
  • Password Reset
  • Essential Management

  • bo0le

Boole Server

January 20, 2016

Going beyond the concept of “perimeter security” (firewalls, anti-virus software, etc.), Boole Server has developed a system capable of protecting the content of confidential documents against all intrusions, coming from both outside and inside the user company.

Presentations, documents, images or spreadsheets: no matter what type of information is to be secured, Boole Server protects company data by making them available in a controlled manner, choosing selectively those who can access them, how, when, and for how long. The Boole Server system is user-friendly and allows to work on files even by connecting from outside the company and through a variety of devices (tablets, laptops, smartphones), in total security.

Boole Server’s mission is to conceive and develop increasingly performing and innovating software solutions capable of achieving absolute protection of company data and confidential information, while ensuring extremely easy access to and quick availability of the files only to authorized users.

Vendor Boole Server
Solution Offerings Enterprise Rights Management (ERM/IRM/RMS), Advanced data-centric Data Loss Prevention(DLP), Real-time policy enforcement and comprehensive auditing


Website http://www.booleserver.com

B-Infosec Offerings

  • Information Rights Management
  • Advanced data loss prevention
  • Continuous Encryption of data
  • Secure Sharing and constant control

  • Druva


January 20, 2016

Druva is the industry leader in converged data protection, bringing data center class availability and governance to the mobile and distributed enterprise.

Druva is a converged data protection solution provider offering datacenter-class availability and governance to the mobile workforce. The company is privately held and is backed by Nexus Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital, and Tenaya Capital. Druva was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, with additional offices in India, the United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, Japan, and Australia. Druva was included in Gartner’s “cool vendors” list in 2012 and also rated #1 in their report Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Endpoint Backup in 2012, 2013 and 2015. The company provides data protection, and governance services to over 3,000 mid- to large-enterprise customers across a wide range of industries that includes technology, manufacturing, healthcare, education, government, retail, and financial services.

Vendor Druva
Solution Offerings End User Data Protection,  Infrastructure Data Protection, Cloud & On-Premise backup/Disaster Recovery Solutions
Website http://www.druva.com/

B-Infosec Offerings

  • End User Data Protection
  • Endpoint Backup & Archival
  • Cloud Apps Backup & Archival
  • Secure File Sharing

  • denyall


January 20, 2016

DenyAll is a European software vendor, an expert in application security, building on 15 years of experience securing web applications and services. With the support of its investors, Truffle Capital and Omnes Capital, DenyAll acquired VulnIT, a vulnerability management startup, in July 2012 and BeeWare, another leading web application security vendor, in May 2014.

Vendor Denyall
Solution Offerings Vulnerability Management, Web Application Security, Web Application Firewall, Web Access Management, App Security Management
Website http://www.denyall.com

B-Infosec Offerings

  • Web Application Firewall
  • Web Application Security
  • Web Access Management

  • splunk


January 20, 2016

Splunk is an American multinational corporation based in San Francisco, California, that produces software for searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated big data, via a web-style interface.

Splunk (the product) captures, indexes and correlates real-time data in a searchable repository from which it can generate graphs, reports, alerts, dashboards and visualisations.

Solution Offerings Application Delivery, Big Data, Business Analytics, Cloud Solutions, IOT and Industrial Data, IT Operations, Log Management, Security & Fraud,
Website https://www.splunk.com

B-Infosec Offerings

  • SIEM
  • Log Management
  • IT Operations
  • Business Analytics
  • Big data

  • guidance

Guidance Software

January 20, 2016

Guidance Software, Inc. is a public company (NASDAQ: GUID) founded in 1997. Headquartered in Pasadena, Calif., the company develops and provides software solutions for digital investigations primarily in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia/Pacific Rim. Guidance Software has offices in Brazil, Chicago, Houston, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, United Kingdom and Washington, D.C. and employs approximately 371 employees.

Best known for its EnCase digital investigations software, Guidance Software’s product line is organized around four markets: digital forensics, endpoint security analytics, cyber security incident response, and e-discovery.

Vendor Guidance Software
Solution Offerings Information Security, Litigation Services, Digital Investigation, Governence and Compliance
Website https://www.guidancesoftware.com

B-Infosec Offerings

  • Network Traffic Analysis
  • Network Forensics
  • Sandboxing
  • Endpoint Behavior Analysis
  • Endpoint Forensics
  • Digital Forensics

  • infoblox


January 20, 2016

Infoblox (NYSE:BLOX) delivers critical network services that protect Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure, automate cloud deployments, and increase the reliability of enterprise and service provider networks around the world. As the industry leader in DNS, DHCP, and IP address management, the category known as DDI, Infoblox reduces the risk and complexity of networking.

/ Infloblox
Solution Offerings Secure DNS, Network Services DNS, DHCP, IPAM ( DDI), DDI for Cloud and Virtualization, Network Automation
Website https://www.infoblox.com


B-Infosec Offerings

  • Internal DNS Security
  • External DNS Security
  • DNS Firewall
  • Network DDI

  • mobileiron 1


January 20, 2016

The company MobileIron Inc. headquartered in Mountain View, Santa Clara County, California is a manufacturer of solutions for mobile device management (MDM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) for the management of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets computers as well as the content and software distribution for these devices in companies.

Vendor MobileIron
Solution Offerings Enterprise Mobile Management, Device Management, Application Management, Multi OS Management, BYOD, Mobile Security,
Website https://www.mobileiron.com/

B-Infosec Offerings

  • Enterprise Mobile Management
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Mobile Application Management
  • Bring Your Own Device ( BYOD)

  • netwrix


January 20, 2016

Netwrix Corporation is the IT auditing company, providing software that maximizes visibility into who changed what, when, where and who has access to what. Over 6,000 customers worldwide rely on Netwrix to audit IT infrastructure changes and data access, prepare reports required for passing compliance audits and increase the efficiency of IT operations. Founded in 2006, Netwrix has more than 70 industry awards and named to the Inc. 5000 list and Deloitte Technology Fast 500.

Vendor Netwrix
Solution Offerings Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory, Exchange, File Servers, SharePoint, SQL, Vmware, Windows Servers.  PCI, SOX, FISMA, ISO 27001, HIPPA Compliance
Website http://www.netwrix.com/

B-Infosec Offerings

  • Change Auditor for Windows Servers
  • Change Audior for AD, Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint, VMware
  • Change Audit & Compliance Services

  • Unitrends


January 20, 2016

Unitrends delivers award-winning business recovery solutions for any IT environment. The company’s portfolio of virtual, physical, and cloud solutions provides adaptive protection for organizations globally. To address the complexities facing today’s modern data center, Unitrends delivers end-to-end protection and instant recovery of all virtual and physical assets as well as automated disaster recovery testing built for virtualization. With the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership, Unitrends’ offerings are backed by a customer support team that consistently achieves a 98 percent satisfaction rating. Unitrends’ solutions are also sold through a community of thousands of leading technology partners, service providers, and resellers worldwide.

Vendor Unitrends
Solution Offerings Continuity Solutions, Backup & Recovery, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity, Cloud Backup
Website http://www.unitrends.com

B-Infosec Offerings

  • Backup & Recovery – Software/Appliance
  • DR/BCP Solutions
  • Cloud Backup Solutions

  • silverpeak

Silver Peak

January 20, 2016

Silver Peak helps enterprises and service providers flexibly and securely connect users to applications via the most cost-effective source of connectivity available.

With Silver Peak’s WAN solutions, customers can augment or replace MPLS networks with secure Internet connectivity, often referred to as an SD-WAN, while dramatically reducing WAN costs and complexity. Silver Peak customers benefit from unprecedented levels of visibility, control, and security over all traffic traversing the WAN, while improving application and network performance.

With Silver Peak, sites can be rapidly and non-disruptively extended, moved, or changed as business demands evolve.

Vendor Silver Peak
Solution Offerings Broadband WAN, Hybrid WAN, WAN Optimization, Replication Acceleration,
Website http://www.silver-peak.com/

B-Infosec Offerings

  • WAN Acceleration
  • WAN Optimization
  • Replication over Internet
  • Application Acceleration

  • symnatec


January 20, 2016

Symantec Corporation (commonly known as Symantec) is an American technology company headquartered in Mountain View, California, United States. The company produces software for security, storage, backup and availability – and offers professional services to support its software. Netcraft asseses Symantec (including subsidiaries) as the most-used certification authority. Symantec is a Fortune 500 company and a member of the S&P 500 stock-market index.

On October 9, 2014, Symantec declared that the company would split into two independent publicly traded companies by the end of 2015. One company would focus on security, the other on information management. The information-management business will use the name “Veritas Technologies Corporation”, echoing the name of Veritas Software (which Symantec acquired in 2005).

Vendor Symantec Corporation
Solution Offerings Threat Protection, Information Protection, Cyber Security Services, Website Security (SSL),  Endpoint Security, Advanced Threat Protection, Data Loss Prevention, Email Security, Managed Security Servicex
Website https://www.symantec.com/

B-Infosec Offerings

  • Endpoint Protection
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Information Protection
  • Threat Protection Services

  • tenable

Tenable Network Security

January 20, 2016

Founded in 2002, Tenable Network Security provides continuous network monitoring to identify vulnerabilities, reduce risk and ensure compliance. Tenable’s key clients include Fortune Global 500 companies across industries as well as the entire U.S. Department of Defense and many of the world’s leading governments.

Tenable family of products includes SecurityCenter Continuous View™ and Nessus®. Security Center Continuous View allows for the most comprehensive and integrated view of network health. Nessus is the global standard in detecting and assessing network data. With the largest install base and best expertise in our industry, Tenable gives customers the ability to identify their biggest threats and respond quickly.

Tenable has been named a Baltimore Sun Top Workplace two consecutive years running, a Washington Post Top Workplace this year, and CEO Ron Gula has received special awards for leadership from both prestigious publications. In 2014 Tenable was selected as a Red Herring Top 100 North America award winner. The company was also named Best Vulnerability Management Solution at the SC Magazine Europe awards. Tenable has been selected as a Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Company every year since 2009.

Vendor Tenable Network Security
Solution Offerings Continuous Network Monitoring, Vulnerability Management,

Nessus Vulnerability Assessment solution, Passive Vulnerability Scanner

Website http://www.tenable.com/

B-Infosec Offerings

  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Vulnerability Scanning and Management

  • varonis


January 20, 2016

Varonis Systems is an American software company with headquarters in New York City. They developed a software platform to let organizations map, analyze, manage and migrate their unstructured data. Their Intelligent Data Use (IDU) engine extracts metadata from an enterprise’s IT infrastructure and uses this information to map relationships among employees, data objects, content, and usage.

Vendor Varonis
Solution Offerings Data & Audit Protection, Sensitive Content eDiscovery, User behavior analytics, Data access governance, Enterprise File Sync and Share
Website http://www.silver-peak.com/

B-Infosec Offerings

  • Insider Threat Protection
  • Data Audit and Protection
  • User behavior Analytics